Baselworld 2015 Preview-IWC Aquatimer Replica

The first ever watch featuring mechanical and fluid dynamic times indications HYT H1 was introduced by HYT, a new brand of high-end watches. HYT has created a new wristwatch for the Baselworld watch fair. It will be a revolution in Swiss independent manufacturer.

IWC Aquatimer Replica

The IWC Aquatimer Replica features a linear liquid indicator that shows the hours, along with a rotating cubic hour scale and a retrograde minute watch. With a new watch case, movement,Omega Replica Watches and new way to show time, the watch changes how HYT is perceived. One thing remains constant is the brand's yellowish-green fluid.

The newcomer displays the time in a straight-line instead of in the circle one. The retrograde section of the movement bolds itself on a dial where hours and minutes are completely separated. The fact that the pistons are stacked horizontally makes the transmission quite new.

IWC Aquatimer Replica hours

The dial's upper portion is reserved for the two pistons that drive fluids. The progression of the fluid is controlled by the left piston. This also controls the time display. This is accomplished by the right piston.

The watch displays the day in six hour periods.Breitling Replica Watches The fluid's position above the bar indicates the hour. The minutes below the bar are indicated linearly. The exact minute is displayed on a 60-segment scale by a double articulated arm.

Profile of IWC Aquatimer Replica

Simply press a button to set all indications on the watch. The button can be pressed to set the time and the 6-hour bar will rotate once. The crown can then be turned to set the hours and minutes.

The glass tube that operates in vacuum is identical to the one used on previous HYT timepieces. It has two fluids. It contains two fluids. The first is water-based and serves as a timekeeper. The second fluid is viscous-based transparent fluid. It is retrograde in that it returns to its original starting point after it has reached the tube's end.

The rectangular case measures 62mm in width and 41mm high,Panerai Replica Watches with a thickness of 16mm. The case is made from platinum and charcoal gray PVD-coated Titanium with a micro-blasted satin finishing. The case's sides are shaped like drops, so the top is significantly curved.

IWC Aquatimer Replica Dial

The new IWC Aquatimer Replica's horizontal orientation is also very ergonomic.Patek Women Replica Watches It looks great on a wrist. Although the watch appears large due to its dimensions, when worn it doesn't look that big.

On the reverse side of this watch, you will find 2 barrels that provide a 170-hour reserve and a power reserve indicator. The movement features micro-blasted charcoal gray PVD coated titanium bridges with satin-finished accents in titanium and rhodium plated bellows.

The IWC Aquatimer Replica comes with a black alligator-leather strap. The limited edition of 25 copies will be available. It will retail for 280,000 Swiss Francs, which is close to $285,000.IWC Aquatimer Replica It will be presented at Baselworld 2015. The watch will then go on sale in September 2015.

IWC Aquatimer Replica affordable

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